Ontario Teachers College - Qualifications in Primary through Senior Divisions

University of Windsor - Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts Major

Banff School of Fine Arts - Independent Program with David Bolduc

York University - Sessional Studies

Guelph University - Sessional Studies

Toronto School of Art - Five year independent study with Harold Klunder

British Institute of Florence - Sessional Studies

Curriculum Vitae 

2022 - Guelph Civic Museum, Guelph ON - "Witnessing War"

2021- Boarding House Arts, Guelph ON - Ashlar Gallery - "Dies Irae"(Day of Anger)

2019 - Boarding House Arts, Guelph ON - Ashlar Gallery - Three Painters: Brent Garbett, Ron Shuebrook, Lyn Westfall 

2018 - Silence, Guelph ON - "I Play Colours"

2017 - Boarding House Arts, Guelph ON - Ashlar Gallery "Improv • Vision"

2016 - The Art Gallery, St. James' Anglican Church - Dundas On "A War Story"

2015 - Boarding House Arts, Guelph On - Project Space - “L’Histoire II”  

2014 - Boarding House Arts, Guelph On - Project Space - “L’Histoire I”  

2012 - Youtube Video - “DIES IRAE” - (War Painting) 

2009 - The Art Gallery, St. James’ Anglican Church - Dundas On “The Requiem Series” 

2005 - St, Peters Seminary, London On - Lecture Series, “Lyn Westfall Paints Faure’s REQUIEM” (multimedia) 

2003 - Gallery Lambton, Sarnia On - “The Requiem Series” 

2003 - Kenneith Gallery, Sarnia On - “Hidden Treasures” 

2002 - Pteros Gallery, Toronto On - “My Father’s Remembrance”

2001 - St. Peter’s Seminary, London On - “Full Well She Is” 

1998 - Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre, Toronto -  “Holy Women”  

1995 - The Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton On - “Full Well She Is”

1994 - The Tarragon Theatre, Toronto On - “People Works”

1986 - The Millcroft Inn, Alton On - “Floral Works”

1982 - Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo On - “Lyn Westfall Paints”

1982 - Kaspar Gallery, Toronto On - “Floral Works”


Commisions & Awards


Ontario Arts Council - Exhibition Assistance Grant 


This grant was awarded for "Improv • Vision" exhibition at the Ashlar Gallery, Boarding House Arts (Guelph, Ontario; 2017).

The Headwaters Arts Festival - Art and Show Sale - "My Passion My Art" - Artists Choice Award, 2006

The painting "Dies Irae" (Day of Anger) was exhibited along with the DVD, "Lux Aeterna". The artists in the show selected this body of work as best in the exhibition.

Ontario Arts Council - Exhibition Assistance Grant 

This grant was awarded for "The Réquiem Series" exhibition at the Gallery Lambton (Sarnia, Ontario, 2003).

The Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence, Scarborough, 1999 


This seemed an appropriate text to use in a painting that was to be placed in a long-term care facility for senior residents.


In order to obtain a feeling for this home, I spent afternoons visiting with five residents individually, as they kindly shared their life stories with me. While they were talking I was drawing line portraits of their animated faces. From that experience came a wonderful pair of eyes of an older person which I decided to place as the focal point of the painting.

The theme was to be celebratory, so bright colours - rich golds and reds - that held a stained glass radiance were used. From the personal stories of my "five friends", and from archival photos little glimpses of events of happiness and caring are painted. For example, an older couple celebrates with a cake (left bottom), while a couple and highlander dance (right bottom).

The top left of the painting features the four founding Sisters of St. Joseph; the three chickens suggests their early days of farming. A shrine of St. Joseph is painted in the top right.

Open, wide, sweeping strokes over the central eyes suggest the unlimited imagination and spirit of seniors, while a beautiful spreading angel looks down and affirms the lives and the spirit of the older person. A young hand with tambourine plays forth in celebration and affirmation.

Art Gallery of Peel - Jurors' Award 1995 - Grumbacher Art Award

Westfall won the Grumbacher Art Award for outstanding achievement in oils. Westfall's painting, entitled 'St. Joan of Arc', is an abstract of St. Joan of Arc amid horses, riders and faces. The presentation was made August 15, 1995 in Bloomsbury, New Jersey.

Wellington County Museum - Jurors' Award 1994


 Major Collections 
Shell Canada, Calgary
Steven Slavin Agencies, Toronto
Neiman, Callegari, Bolton
Karoma Publishing, Michigan
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo
Goodman, Phillips & Vineberg, Toronto
Xerox Canada, Toronto
Prudential Life, Toronto
Koffler Gallery, Toronto
House of Providence, Toronto

Peel Art Gallery, Museum + Archives, Brampton
The Austin Cooper Art Collection - Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto