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"A Very Colourful Life"


Here's an excerpt from Michael Reist's article about Lyn published in the Fall 2007 edition of the Sideroads of Caledon and Erin magazine: 


"I fell in love with art because of my grade five art teacher, Miss Tangelis. She was brand new to teaching. She was energetic, original, creative and full of fun. I just adored those classes. My first studio was the second floor bathroom of our house. I set up a card table and did DaVinci's "Last Supper" in paint-by-numbers!" 


Today, Lyn Westfall's work is found in private collections, galleries and public spaces across Canada. As Lyn sits in her renovated Caledon schoolhouse studio, S.S. #9 at the corner of Heart Lake Road and Charleston Sideroad, she looks back on the many chapters of her career as a professional artist.

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