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March 2018 Lyn's Pic

An Old English Harp II - 1980 - Oil on Masonite - 6-" x 48"

This painting captures the beauty and elegance of an antique harp, that the Loretto Sisters displayed in the Rose Parlour at their motherhouse - "The Abbey", located in north Toronto. I was a Visual Arts Teacher in the Highschool and during that time, was able to study and draw some of their beautiful antiques.

The harp's hexagonal crown features six carved angels, each playing a different musical instrument. To the right of the painting, a section in yellow and grey, show the almost animated tuning screws. The harp's strings in the lower right complete the painting.

The choice of colours, the free-flowing paint and the cropped composition, give the painting a feeling of musicality, whimsy, while at the same time, reveal the dignity of things loved.


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